• Wave Sine
  • Cascade
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Tread
  • Slats
  • About a Boardwalk
  • Divergent Paths
  • Coin Operated
  • Vending Sculptures 1
    Vending Sculptures 2
    Moving Pictures
    Kinkade Eat Your Heart Out
    Precipitation Generator
  • Viceware
  • Landscape Dispenser: Viewer pays 50 cents to see 1 foam landscape go through mechanism, run slowly down conveyor-belt to then fall through and become destroyed by spinning blades. The demolished landscapes pile-up in a clear container you see to the right.
    Sand Dispenser: Viewer pays 25 cents to have sand dispenser drop predetermined amount of sand from upper chamber to lower chamber, much like an hour glass.
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